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Fear or Faith? Which One Will You Choose?

These are undoubtedly tricky times that we are living in right now. Uncertainty all around us. I had a great brainstorm meeting with my executive team a few days ago discussing future plans, projections the normal stuff. Not all of it was easy on the ears neither is it easy to lead through. I was asked “How are you doing? How are you holding up?” I was very thankful for the question. Since I no longer make decisions just for myself and my family rather I make decisions with the 300+ employees on my mind. The thing is that we are all in the same boat together. Each of us is contending with things we never thought possible or saw coming.

It’s times like this that produce fear however I would like to encourage you not to allow those fears to supersede your FAITH. My faith in God has been and always will be the key to whatever is thrown my way. To fear now is to think that we had something to do with our success or what we used to think was our normal lives.

Allow your faith to supersede your fear. Don’t try and balance it. Let your faith be the dominant factor in your life. On the other side of this will be stronger you.

Let’s continue to upgrade. Nathaniel T Moore

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