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Kindness is Only Effective When We Choose to Employ it

Demonstrating kindness to others can have an unimaginable impact and ripple effect on this world, especially during a time like this.

One of the things I miss the most before the pandemic controlled our focus and lives was paying for someone else’s meal or groceries.  One story comes to mind and will always place a smile on my face.  There was this sweet older woman that on the outside seemed to be well put together in front of me at the checkout line.  When I offered to pay for her groceries, she immediately broke down crying.  She didn’t seem to have many groceries on the belt.  She begins to tell me how she’s taken on the new responsibility of caring for her grandkids and that it has put a strain on their finances.  She was praying for provision.  So I encouraged her to go an get what she really wanted to buy and that I would take care of it.  From this one act of kindness, it’s no telling what kind of impact this has made in this lady’s life and relationship with God.

This sweet lady’s prayer for provision and kindness in her time of need is very similar to so many others’ prayers right now. God’s love and kindness are demonstrated through you and I.  Although, each of us is facing new challenges let’s find creative ways to be kind to others.  Your one act of kindness could be the answer to someone else’s prayer.  At our core, that’s who we really are and that’s what truly matters. Continue to upgrade.

Much love,

Nathaniel T Moore

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