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Learn to Shake Off Convenience and Reach New Heights

Years ago I decided to shift old standards that I’ve been placed in my life. Those old standards were inspired by so many different environments that surrounded me throughout my life. Those standards formed my story, therefore, placing fictitious limits in my life. Can you relate?

In this picture, I am speaking to a crowd of roughly 800 business leaders, high-ranking officials, church leaders, and future world changers. Before I took the stage, standing side stage, I remember looking around at the other people that I will share the stage with. One of those being my state Attorney General. Another a very prominent pastor of a very large church.

Moments leading up to my time to take the stage I became overwhelmed with so many different emotions. At this moment I began to remind myself of my standards and because of those standards, I was asked to be the closer to this great event.

What you don’t know is that roughly three years ago my absolute greatest fear was public speaking!!! Yes, crazy right?!?

This picture is a constant reminder and demonstrates the possibilities that each one of us has when we raise our personal standards and shift our beliefs of ourselves. I had a friend that took me to a Tony Robbins flagship event business mastery roughly 3 years ago. Towards the end, the event as Tony is issuing his final challenge and people are celebrating, my friend looks at me and says “you have this in you to share with others.” At that moment what he said aligned with what I secretly believed I possessed that no one else knew about.

We are all very similar in the fact that we all have inner desires and dreams for our lives and we are reminded daily of those desires and dreams by that internal little small voice. However, what separates each of us is the standards we set for our lives. My old standards placed limitations on my life causing me to produce limited results. So, how did I change my standards?

Here are a few things that have played a major role in setting my new standards.

1. Taking responsibility for where I was in life and for who I was. There is plenty of blame to go around but the blame only satisfied me and simply justified my limited results. The moment I snapped out of it opened me up to point number two.
2. In order to set greater standards, you will need to widen your perspective. This happens when you venture out of your comfort zone to explore things that are not in your norm. When I decided to posture myself as a learner then my thinking began to broaden which leads to my final point.
3. Read about other successful people and their struggles and successes. There is plenty of learning when you read someone else’s story that has accomplished something great.
I hope sharing a small part of my story will inspire you to set new standards for your life. I know that you are capable of so much more than what you can realize at this moment. However, nothing ever changes until you change. Let’s upgrade!

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