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Pain is the Price Paid to Accomplish Something Great

accomplishments.  Some of my most incredible ideas have come from these times of pain.

I know most of you that follow my page are experiencing various challenges and pain right now.  These recent challenges came as an unrecognized curveball.  However, stay encouraged, stay focused during this time of pain because world-changing ideas are produced in these moments.  Before Jesus did anything great he was first tested in the wilderness.  He had to withstand pain and challenges just as we do today.  He became a better and stronger person because of it.  He went on to change the lives of countless people.

Stay encouraged. Stay in the fight.  Be a creator not a manager.  Take this time to identify, developed, and sharpen your gift.  There are people waiting to experience your gift. Let’s continue to upgrade.

Much love,

Nathaniel T Moore

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